Sewage Damage

When sewage gets into your home or business, it poses an immediate health risk and can stain and destroy your property. Let the professionals at Culver City CA Water Damage take care of the problem with our 24/7 sewage damage cleanup services. We take the stress out of sewage damage so you can get on with your life!

Our Sewage Cleanup Services
• 24/7 emergency services
• IICRC certified technicians
• Sewage extraction and removal
• Sanitization and deodorization
• Water damage remediation
• Rapid structural drying
• Mold and mildew removal
• Carpet and furniture treatment
• Insurance billing

Sewage Damage Emergencies
Sewage can contain feces, chemical runoff, industrial waste, garbage, or any number of organic or inorganic materials. This hazardous cocktail of sludge is brimming with bacteria, viruses, carcinogens, pathogens, and parasites. For this reason, even the smallest cases of sewage damage – such as from a toilet overflow – should be considered an emergency. To make sure you and your family stay safe, we at Culver City CA Water Damage offer 24/7 sewage cleanup services. Our technicians respond rapidly to get your home clean and safe so you can get your life back to normal.

The Sewage Cleanup Process
The sewage cleanup process will vary depending on factors like how bad the contamination is, where the spill has occurred, and how long it has been since the incident. Here is a general overview of the sewage cleanup process you can expect from Culver City CA Water Damage professionals:

1. Assessment: Our technicians start by inspecting and assessing the sewage damage. They are looking out for potential safety threats (structural damage, electrical risks, etc.). Using infrared cameras, they can determine precisely how much property is damaged by sewage, including hidden areas such as subfloors and behind walls. During the assessment, the experts will also take documentation for insurance claims.
2. Containment: Methods such as tarping and negative-pressure HEPA air scrubbers are used to prevent sewage and airborne pathogens from affecting other areas of your home or business.
3. Extraction: Standing water, sewage, and debris are cleaned up using powerful pumps. The pumps keep all matter contained so no pathogens are released into the air. All debris is disposed of properly.
4. Material Removal: Porous materials which have bee